A new political impetus for Lutry!


Your chance to participate in the Swiss direct democracy!

The commune is one of the “political levels” of Swiss decision-making and its authorities have a say in numerous areas related to the well-being of its inhabitants: transport, constructions, security, public utilities, school infrastructures, taxes…

In Lutry, the authorities are composed of the conseil communal (“town parliament” composed of 85 elected counselors) and the municipalité (5 executive city counselors, one of them being the “Syndic”; these 5 positions are each equivalent to a 35% part-time and remunerated). 


Both councils are elected for a 5 years period, and the next elections are taking place on February 28th 2016, with a second round for the municipalité on March 20th. 


Even as a foreign citizen, you can cast your vote in the Lutry election if: 

  • You have been leaving in Switzerland for 10 years at least

  • You have settled in Lutry for 3 years at a minimum

  • You applied to the voting - roll 

If so, we would be glad to count on your support!


The list number 2 - Indépendants & vert’libéraux”, a new political impetus for Lutry!

Our newly founded formation is positioned in the center of the political spectrum. 

Our twenty candidates makes us the second group competing in the election;  a majority of candidates is without any party affiliation (“indépendants”) and some are members of the “vert’libéraux”, a liberal movement keen on supporting the green economy, hence the name of the group. 


Our approach

Aware of the chance we have to live in the beautiful commune of Lutry, we wish to act to further improve the quality of life and the integration of all its inhabitants, you included! Furthermore, we propose that the authorities address the challenges ahead with the best possible anticipation.


Confident that the best solutions are the result of concerted actions and minds, the “Indépendants & vert’libéraux” want to anchor their approach in the novelty, openness and difference. By their central positioning and new energy, “Indépendants & vert’libéraux” is ready to fill a pivotal role within the political spectrum of Lutry’s political life.


We chose to seek solutions, amongst other, in the areas of housing for all, the infrastructure for children, mobility and public transport, energy efficiency, development of different Lutry neighborhood or support local societies & clubs.


Two candidates for the Municipality

Further to our wish to enter the “conseil communal” with a significant representation, we are pleased to announce that the “Indépendants & vert’libéraux” also have a plan for the Municipalité!

To reflect the pluralism of our approach, we are presenting two great candidates to the Municipality: 


Ludovic Paschoud represents the “Indépendants” and Jean-François Chapuisat the “Vert’libéraux” party. 


Proud to support these talented candidates, we are confident that they will both bring a new dynamic to the executive of our city.


Want to know more or give us your ideas or comments – come and meet us?


  • Join us Saturday, February 13th from 9 am to 2pm to discuss and share a friendly drink at the Caveau, 43 Grand Rue, Lutry.

  • At the Saturday market in the Village in February

Pour faire un don:
Groupe Indépendants & vert'libéraux
Banque Raiffeisen de Lutry
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Nos coordonnées

T : 079 751 14 08


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1095 Lutry

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